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Nextiva: The Best VoIP System Provider In The Industry

ByAdrien Mugimbaho

May 25, 2023

Nextiva claims to be shaping the future of growth for all businesses and it proved it by showing its highly updated and delegated technologies that can fulfill all the needs of any type of business. Nextiva provides the best-advanced features for your business and supports you to grow your business.

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Nextiva promise to provide the best features for the future:

Most reliable network

Video & audio conferencing

Mobile & desktop app

Chat & screen sharing and more.

Affordable for any business.

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Why Nextiva is an award-winning small business VoIP system

Nextiva has been delivering Amazing Service since 2006. Nextiva takes this credit proudly for their high-quality, features designed for the internet phone service for small businesses. It will reduce your business cost for regular use of phones when you switch to Nextiva’s business VoIP cloud service.

1. Affordable Features

Nextiva’s flexible and affordable packages are designed for all types of businesses. Nextiva customers of small business VoIP phone service share their savings of up to 60% on their monthly phone call cost. Nextiva’s customers know what they’re paying for. No contracts are required, no hidden fees. You can cancel your service at any time, and hassle-free. All Nextiva plans start at $20 per month per user, depending on the number of users and contract length.

2. Secure network

The scalable and secure network developed by highly experienced engineers over 1,500 powers Nextiva’s business VoIP phone service system. Nextiva commits top quality, security, and reliability.

3. Designed for all industries

There’s something for everyone. Nextiva’s small business VoIP feature gives benefits to all industries to fulfill all business requirements.

4. Innovation

Nextiva’s always trying to innovate and update its VoIP phone service. Your small business will always have the latest and greatest in business VoIP technologies.

Credit: Image from Nextiva

5. Amazing Service

It’s Nextiva’s commitment to delivering amazing service for your small business, at every point of contact you make with Nextiva. This is Nextiva’s brand promise.

6. Mobile friendly

Manage your small business remotely anytime anywhere using the Nextiva app. Seamlessly text message your customers and team members right from your smartphone. Your business is in your hands by using a small business VoIP system.

7. HD quality VoIP

Nextiva VoIP provides crystal-clear HD voice quality for small business VoIP phone service. No need to worry about the low-quality buffering issues.

8. Powerful features

Nextiva provides the enterprise-grade business VoIP feature without the hefty price tag. Auto-attendant, business text messaging, caller ID, voicemail to text, CRM integration, and more.

9. Easy to use

Nextiva provides user-friendly VoIP phones, it is very easy to use for a non-technical person, and it will provide the best roaming within minutes. No need to be a tech wizard or have an IT department to get the most out of your phone system. Its user interface is purely designed for non-technical persons.

Nextiva: small business VoIP phone system

Your search for small business is over! Nextiva provides the best calling feature for small business VoIP phone service.

l  Collaboration & Video

l  Text messaging

l  Auto attendant

l  Voicemail to email

l Call queuing

l  Unlimited calling

Why did we claim the best VoIP system for small businesses?


Nextiva provides scalable functionalities which you can compare with other technologies as you can add more virtual phone lines. Your private branch exchange and PSTN can’t provide this facility.


Always stay connected with Nextiva’s highly redundant network. Nextiva is a proud achiever and a service provider with 99.999% uptime, 24/7.

Surprisingly affordable

Slash your current business phone bill by ~60%. Now it’s easy to be part of the best virtual phone feature.

Hosted PBX

Manage your business and make calls by using the VoIP phone system remotely. Goodbye, landlines. Hello, productivity!

Amazing Service

Nextiva’s cloud-based VoIP support system proved a helping hand from their 100% in-house team. Your business needs are Nextiva’s top priority. Learn more about the amazing service.

VoIP Call Center

Nextiva’s VoIP call center solutions provide the best innovative Cloud-Based VoIP and this is the best of Nextiva that provide Cloud-Based VoIP so, you can take more customer calls with fewer agents.

Run your call center in the Cloud today!

Nextiva’s VoIP Cloud-Based call center is designed to handle higher call volumes better than a typical inbound call center. It will run entirely over the internet it provides multichannel customer support and self-service options with a VoIP call center system.

Nextiva designs feature according to your business needs

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Call Recording
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • VoIP Phone Numbers
  • Call Routing
  • Dashboards & Reporting

Specialties of Nextiva’s Cloud-Based VoIP Call Center

  • Centralized trunks with an IP core
  • 999% Uptime
  • 8 Points of presence and carrier-grade data center
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Fraud mitigation with access control policies
  • E911 coverage in the US and Canada

 Nextiva’s VoIP Phones

Everyone wants to hear Clear, loud, and Crisp audio voices. Nextiva provides VoIP Phones and headsets which provide you easy to set-up service in a minute and better service that costs less.

Types of their VoIP Phones

  • Desk
  • Cordless
  • Conference
  • Adapters

Specialties of Nextiva’s VoIP Phones

  • Nextiva’s powerful communication tools are right on your desk.
  • Freedom to roam, Without losing any of the power
  • Bring your whole team together
  • Transition your traditional system into the future.

Provides diversity for all devices

Nextiva provides ISO and Android app facilities which give you the power to collaborate and manage with the same versatility as your desk phone. Nextiva provides the future of the best telephony voice communication and multimedia. It’s amazing to move your enterprise system cloud it’s a smart idea for reliable and secure business VoIP solutions.

Nextiva’s enterprise phone systems

Nextiva’s enterprise phone systems build to resolve this query: how to get great work done. Enterprises’ phone system is built according to today’s modern needs of your business. Nextiva is an expert to provide reliable global collaboration on any device. Nextiva’s enterprises’ phone system also provides enterprise SIP Trunking which helps you to transit your legacy PBX system with advanced features and functionalities.

Go ahead and try Nextiva.

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