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Hire Talent Globally with Remote EOR

ByAdrien Mugimbaho

Jun 26, 2023

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Hiring remote talent globally is one of the most effective ways of bringing diversity to an organization. In addition to saving costs, global hires increase productivity and efficiency in an organization. However, finding the right people for the organization requires the use of the right tools and strategies to tap into the global talent market.

Introducing Remote EOR
The major challenge that many businesses face in hiring remote talent is getting the right people in countries or states where they do not have an office. The hiring companies or recruiters may assume that they cannot hire talent from other locations than the country where they are based. This limits their ability to get the right people on board because of geographical or legal barriers. In addition, global employment is complex as each country has its laws and regulations that can be challenging to stay compliant.

An Employer of Record (EOR) service provider like Remote bridges this gap, allowing your business to hire talent from virtually anywhere in the world. With the help of such as provider, you can hire global talent legally without necessarily setting up a local entity or office in other countries. The EOR also ensures that you stay compliant, attracting and retaining world-class talent. In other words, the EOR service prodder allows your company to free itself from the administrative burdens of hiring employees, especially when dealing with international or remote workers.

An EOR solution is a legal entity that is responsible for hiring, paying, and managing global employees for a company. Once your company contracts an EOR provider, you can outsource your human resource functions. In turn, the EOR will be responsible for the financial and legal obligations of your company, including payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance with local employment laws and regulations.

Why EOR is Popular

How people work has changed tremendously over the past couple of years. Employees can now attend virtual events, hold meetings on Zoom, and design new products from anywhere in the world. Amidst these developments, the tools for hiring and paying global employees have not kept up in all countries. For many companies, hiring globally is often met with the challenges of complicated taxes, unclear local laws, and hefty fines if you do not do it right.

The EOR model has become an increasingly popular solution to navigating the complex world of global hires. Companies looking to expand their workforce on a global scale are using the services of EOR providers to get the best from the global talent market. The model allows companies to hire workers in new countries without having to build an infrastructure from the ground up. With the services of an EOR service provider, companies can access local talent, manage daily HR functions, and ensure compliance with local regulations.

An Employer of Record service is a powerful tool for companies looking to reduce risks, streamline operations, and grow rapidly. When you contract with an Employer of Record, it will save your business money on recruitment costs while eliminating the need to manage a complex HR infrastructure. Since the EOR vendor is responsible for the legal and financial obligations of the employer, it frees up your company to focus on core business and competencies.

Hiring Global Talent with Remote.com

Hiring a remote team no longer has to be difficult. Remote offers one of the most effective services to hire remote employees and manage your global talent. The EOR provider legally employs talent on behalf of your business under local employment laws and regulations. The vendors take care of the confusing local labor laws, mandatory employee benefits for each country, and tax regulations.

Remote enables you to hire anyone in almost any part of the world. For instance, If your company is based in the United States and you want to hire talent in New Zealand, you can do so through the EOR platform. Remote will become the legal employer of that talent and lease them out to your company. This means that they will retain full control over the daily management of the employee while your company maintains the full benefits of the hire. By taking on legal responsibilities of the hire, the EOR will be responsible for onboarding, providing statutory befits, payroll processing, and offboarding.

Try Remote EOR today.

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